About Transmission Developers

Transmission Developers develops unique clean energy transmission projects in an environmentally responsible manner. Our projects use proven high-voltage direct current (HVDC) cable technology to link trapped generation resources such as wind, hydro and other renewables with markets that are seeking new sources of clean power. By installing our projects underground or underwater we avoid the negative impacts of overhead transmission. These buried lines increase the electric grid’s safety and reliability, while providing hardened infrastructure that is less susceptible to damage from natural disasters.


Transmission Developers is owned by Blackstone Inc., a global leader in alternative asset management.  The company is currently focused on developing two projects in the Northeast region of the U.S.: (1) the Champlain Hudson Power Express®, a fully-buried transmission line from the U.S.-Canadian border to New York City, and (2) the New England Clean Power Link®, a fully-buried transmission line located in Vermont that will serve the New England market.



Brian Kubeck

Kevin Crawford
Chief Operating Officer
Justin Sauber
Chief Executive Officer

Todd Singer
Executive Vice President
& Chief Financial Officer
Gene Martin

Jeremiah Sheehan
Executive Vice President
& General Counsel


Josh Bagnato
Senior Vice President, Development

Bob Harrison
Senior Vice President, Engineering

Kristen Landino
Senior Vice President, Finance
Will Davie
Senior Vice President, Marine

Ayokunle “Kunle” Kafi
Senior Vice President, Project Services

Joe Roddy
Senior Vice President, Information Technology

Jon Ware, CFA
Senior Vice President, Treasurer
Steve Gilkey
Senior Vice President, Construction Metro

Jennifer Laird-White
Senior Vice President, External Affairs

Scott Tracy-Inglis
Senior Vice President, Terrestrial