Brian Kubeck

Chairman of the Board

Mr. Kubeck is TDI’s Chairman of the Board. He has over 25 years of energy and infrastructure development experience, focused on complex projects in North America, Asia and Africa that required extensive stakeholder engagement and coordination across multiple disciplines, including environmental, offtake, construction, and financing. Prior to joining TDI, Mr. Kubeck helped establish, and later went on to be CEO of, Sithe Global, a Blackstone portfolio company that developed, financed, and operated impactful energy projects around the world. Mr. Kubeck currently advises Blackstone’s Private Equity Group on various energy investments. In addition to serving as Chairman of TDI, he is on the board of Aypa Power, a Blackstone portfolio company that develops/owns utility-scale energy storage and hybrid energy renewable projects.


Mr. Kubeck earned his Bachelor of Business Administration from Hofstra University.