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Transmission Developers Inc Details Environmental Testing of Champlain Hudson Power Express Route

Video and Pictures Document Extensive Testing Process

Transmission Developers Inc (TDI) today announced new details about the extensive environmental testing the company is doing as it develops the Champlain Hudson Power Express — an innovative power transmission line that will bring safe, secure, affordable, clean power to New York and New England.

Donald Jessome, President and CEO of TDI said, “This project is developed with the environment in mind. To ensure this project has minimal impact on its surroundings, we are conducting a thorough environmental examination of the entire proposed route and we invite and encourage interested parties and the public to take a look at how we are conducting these tests.”

The project web site now features a new video and photos detailing the routespecific marine survey. The data gathered from this testing will provide TDI with information that will be used to refine the proposed project route, prepare environmental permit applications and plan the construction of the new power line. All the information can be viewed at

The Champlain Hudson Power Express project will deliver up to 2,000 megawatts (MW) of clean hydroelectric and wind power now being targeted for development to help meet growing energy demands in the New York and New England markets. The line will be a High Voltage direct current (HVdc) cable that will be placed in waterways or buried along railway routes to minimize impacts to local communities and the environment.

The project will run from the U.S.-Canadian border to New York and Southern New England. It will deliver clean power to meet growing demand in that area, increase the security of the State’s electric grid, and reduce energy costs for consumers.

* This release was adjusted on July 29, 2010