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Transmission Developers Inc. Commends Governor Cuomo’s Commitment to Building Clean Energy Infrastructure

We agree wholeheartedly with Governor Cuomo that now is the time to build and now is the time to jumpstart New York’s renewable future.  We commend the Governor and the State for their nation-leading clean energy goals and the Champlain Hudson Power Express is ready to meet the Governor’s call to expedite bringing renewable hydropower from Canada directly to New York City.  Our project is committed to union labor and will create over 2,000 well-paying jobs for New Yorkers.  The project will pay an estimated $1.7 Billion in new taxes to municipalities and school districts along the 333-mile project route over the first 30 years of operations and will deliver approximately 20% of the remaining energy needed to meet New York state’s 2030 renewable mandates. As the governor said, ‘let’s stop talking and let’s start doing’.