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Statement from TDI on Champlain Hudson Power Express Supply

Transmission Developers Inc. is surprised and disappointed by Riverkeeper’s decision to withdraw support for the Champlain Hudson Power Express (CHPE). We note with interest that none of the reasons for their withdrawal have anything to do with the CHPE and remain perplexed why Riverkeeper is now opposed to a reliable source of clean energy at a time that New York is making great effort to decarbonize. Instead, and notwithstanding its previous support, Riverkeeper has concluded additional clean hydropower has no place in New York’s energy system.

We firmly believe New York cannot meet its energy goals without relying on hydropower. Currently, hydro resources supply approximately 90% of the state’s renewable energy mix.

As a permitted large scale clean energy solution in New York State, the Champlain Hudson Power Express is poised to deliver tremendous benefits to the state. These include enabling New York to reach twenty percent of its seventy-by-thirty renewable energy goals, reducing emissions and improving air quality for all New Yorkers.

We are grateful for Riverkeeper’s historical involvement in the CHPE starting in our early days. Riverkeeper advocated successfully for many environmentally positive design changes that were made after constructive and helpful input from them. Riverkeeper was part of the team that established a $117 million trust that will be funded by the project and will specifically support improvements to the Hudson River and other NYS waterways.

In order to meet its ambitious energy goals and confront the realities of climate change, New York needs to put every clean energy option on the table. We are proud of the minimal environmental impacts and significant benefits our project will deliver. We look forward to constructing a project that will reduce emissions, create good-paying organized labor jobs and positively change the environmental future of New York. As the expanding impacts of climate change on New York State and our neighbors become brutally clear, we think it is imprudent to reject any large scale renewable energy option that will protect our planet and our communities.