Meet the Transmission Developers Inc. Team

The Champlain Hudson Power Express Project is being developed by CHPE LLC, a New York State limited liability company that is wholly owned by TDI-USA Holdings LLC (TDI).


The TDI board is led by Brian Kubeck. The TDI team is made up of:

  • Donald Jessome—Chief Executive Officer
  • Gene Martin—President and Chief Operating Officer
  • Bill Helmer—Chief Legal Officer and Secretary
  • Todd Singer—Chief Finance Officer and Treasurer
  • Kristen Landino—Senior Vice President-Finance
  • Bob Harrison—Vice President, Engineering & Construction
  • Ayokunle Kafi—Vice President, Project Services
  • Josh Bagnato—Vice President, Development
  • Jennifer Laird-White —Vice President, External Affairs
  • Justin Dennish—Director of Finance