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Transmission Developers Inc. Statement on Mayor de Blasio's State of the City Address and Commitment to Clean Power

02/06/2020 ALBANY, N.Y. — Don Jessome, Co-Founder and CEO of Transmission Developers Inc. issued the following statement:

Transmission Developers Inc. is honored to be part of Mayor de Blasio's strategic plan to create a cleaner and greener New York.

We look forward to creating more than 2,600 good paying green jobs for New Yorkers when construction begins in early 2021 and we are committed to using organized labor. Our transmission line is buried to minimize environmental and social impacts while maximizing resiliency in the face of extreme weather events. The project is a $3 billion private capital infrastructure investment in New York State with a lifespan greater than 50 years. In addition to its economic benefits, the project will quickly make up for at least 50 percent of the firm energy currently supplied by the retiring Indian Point–energy, that otherwise, would be replaced by fossil fuels.

The efforts of our colleagues in the wind, solar and other renewable industries along with our Champlain Hudson Power Express and the clean hydro power it delivers will improve the lives and health of all New York City residents. As the Mayor made abundantly clear today, New York City remains fully committed to a greener and healthier city, state and planet.

Read the Mayor's Press Release here.