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Welcome to the Champlain Hudson Power Express Website

The Champlain Hudson Power Express ("CHPE") project will bring up to 1,000 megawatts (MW) of clean, renewable power to the New York metro area.

The project is permitted and strongly supported and would help New York meet its ambitious clean energy goals CHPE is a proposed 330 mile long buried, HVDC buried transmission line that will transport clean energy into the NY metropolitan area.

TDI is targeting to start construction in 2020. Construction of the line will take approximately 3.5 years, so operations would commence in 2024. The total project construction cost is approximately $3 Billion.

The project would be one of the largest investments in New York State history and create more than 1,500 direct full-time jobs and 1,100 secondary jobs during construction. Throughout the first 30 years of operation, 800 additional long-term jobs will be created by the project. It will deliver clean power to meet growing demands, increase the security of the State's electric grid, reduce emissions and lower energy costs for consumers.

According to current estimates, the project is expected to generate annual tax payments of approximately $47 million over the first 30 years of operations. Taxpayers in Washington, Saratoga, Albany, Schenectady, Greene, and Rockland counties, as well as the City of New York will receive yearly tax benefits from the CHPE.

Recent Developments

Journal News: Organized Labor Powers Our Energy Future
There is a project to celebrate where common ground was plotted, good paying jobs will be created and addressing New York City's growing energy demand is the result. That is the Champlain Hudson Power Express project.

Politico: New York City May Finance Power Line in Push for Quebec Hydro
"In addition to New York City, TDI has had strong interest from other large energy consumers who are interested in securing carbon free energy for corporate policy reasons and to comply with NY City's ambitious clean energy legislation," said Jennifer Laird-White, a spokesperson for TDI. "We are confident that there is more than sufficient demand to meet our planned operational date of early 2025."

Champlain Hudson Power Express Announces Important Project Updates
Transmission Developers Inc. (TDI) issued several important updates for the Champlain Hudson Power Express, a permitted, high–voltage direct–current transmission line from the United States–Canada border to Queens, N.Y.

TDI is exploring a capacity expansion and moves the line into NYISO's 2019 Class Year Study. More...

Plattsburgh Press Republican: CHPE is Vital (Letter to the Editor)
Garry Douglas, President and CEO of the North Country Chamber of Commerce writes "we have been and continue to be a strong and enthusiastic supporter of the Champlain Hudson Power Express, designed to bring renewable hydro power to New York City in a very environmentally friendly way."

Politico: Canadian Hydropower Transmission Line Considers Boosting Capacity
Blackstone–backed Transmission Developers Inc., is considering boosting the capacity of the proposed 330–mile long Champlain Hudson Power Express high–voltage, direct current line by 250 megawatts, said CEO Don Jessome, in an exclusive interview with POLITICO. That would bring the total capacity to 1,250 megawatts.

Statement from Blackstone and Transmission Developers Inc.
4/22/2019 – Blackstone and Transmission Developers Inc. issued the following statement today:

"Blackstone and TDI applaud Mayor de Blasio for taking bold action that will enable renewable energy projects to power New York City's future growth in a sustainable way.

"Blackstone and TDI's fully permitted Champlain Hudson Power Express is ready to supply New York with 1,000 MW of clean, renewable power, which will create jobs, improve local air quality and more than double the amount of carbon-free power in New York City's energy supply. We look forward to working with the City and State during the formal procurement process and to being a part of New York's cleaner, greener future."

View Mayor de Blasio Press Release Here.

Politico: After Years of Delay, de Blasio Revives Plan to Bring Hydropower from Canada
"It is urgency and a willingness to have skin in the game," de Blasio said of the decision to recommit to the Champlain Hudson Power Express.

National Observer: New York City's Green New Deal is Music to Quebec's Ears
TDI and the Blackstone Group, the Manhattan investment firm that is providing equity funding, said in a joint statement reacting to the mayor's announcement that the CHPE was "fully permitted" and "ready to supply New York with 1,000 MW of clean, renewable power."

Natural gas filled the gap when Indian Point shut down for nearly two weeks, data show
For more than two weeks, the Indian Point nuclear power plant failed to generate a single megawatt of power. And yet, in Westchester County and New York City, lights were burning, refrigerators were humming and phones were charging.

The Journal News: North Rockland mayors: We proudly said 'yes' to the Champlain Hudson Power Express
As the mayors of Haverstraw and West Haverstraw, two municipalities directly impacted by the Champlain Hudson Power Express, we'd like to talk about the benefits this completely buried clean energy project provides North Rockland communities and the number of jobs the project will create.

Westchester County Business Journal: Transmission Developers Inc. has new route, outreach for hydropower line
Transmission Developers Inc. was in town for the first of a series of community outreach events that cover changes to the $2.2 billion cross-border transmission line called the Champlain Hudson Power Express.

Transmission Developers Inc. to Hold Informational Meetings to Discuss Improved Champlain Hudson Power Express Route
Transmission Developers Inc., the developer of the Champlain Hudson Power Express, will host three informational meetings for residents of Rockland County to unveil the fully buried, minimally invasive clean energy transmission line's improved underground route through the towns of Stony Point, Haverstraw, and Clarkstown and the villages of Haverstraw and West Haverstraw.

Elected officials from five North Rockland County communities have signed a memorandum of understanding with Transmission Developers Inc. (TDI). TDI is the developer of the Champlain Hudson Power Express, a completely buried, high voltage direct current transmission line proposed to extend from the Canadian border to New York City. The agreement details alternate project routing through Rockland County and includes $31 million to fund capital improvements in the host community towns of Stony Point, Haverstraw and Clarkstown, and villages of West Haverstraw and Haverstraw.

Rockland: Power line proposal under Route 9W comes with $31 million incentive
A handful of Rockland towns and villages signed an agreement that would place an electrical power line under a major roadway while giving the municipalities about $31 million toward community and road improvements and generate another $4 million annually in estimated school and municipal taxes.

The Champlain Hudson Power Express: The Right Fit for New York
The benefits of the project are many, as CHPE is expected to generate $28.6 billion in economic benefits for New York State, achieve 30% of New York's Clean Energy Standard goal and replace electricity lost from aging and retiring power sources.

Manchester Newspapers: Power project may ease taxes in local towns
A monumental clean-energy project may shift some of the tax burden from Washington County taxpayers. Details about the Champlain Hudson Power Express, including routing and impact upon the local area, were presented at a Putnam town meeting last Thursday by Josh Bagnato, vice president of project development for Transmission Developers Inc., the firm responsible for the project.

Poughkeepsie Journal: Op Ed by Riverkeepers Paul Gallay and Mike Dulong
[The Champlain Hudson Power Express] project alone would displace any perceived need for new natural gas generation and put us on track to cut carbon-based energy consumption in the Empire State

The Journal News: Developer Pitches Reroute for Canadian Power
The developer approved to bury Canada-to-New York City electric transmission cables through Rockland County is offering a new proposal that would reroute the lines.

Bloomberg: Canada Wants to Solve U.S. Nuclear Woes With Faraway Dams
Exporting more would require more transmission capacity in the U.S. It's partnered with three developers pushing to build power lines, including two fully permitted projects proposed by Transmission Developers Inc., a Blackstone Group LP company.

Rockland County Times: Nyack Mayor gets Gig with Champlain Hudson Power Express
Transmission Developers Inc. (TDI) announced yesterday that Jennifer Laird-White will become the new director of Community Relations for the company's Champlain Hudson Power Express transmission project.

Transmission Developers Inc. Names Jennifer Laird-White Director of Community Relations for the Champlain Hudson Power Express
Transmission Developers Inc. (TDI) announced today the appointment of Jennifer Laird-White to the new position of Director of Community Relations for the company's Champlain Hudson Power Express transmission project. In this role, she will support TDI's transmission development that will enable the state to meet its ambitious clean energy goals.

TDI Chief Executive Officer Donald Jessome's Statement on Riverkeeper and The National Resources Defense Council Report
"We are pleased that Riverkeeper and the National Resources Defense Council issued a report finding the proposed Champlain Hudson Power Express to play an important role in achieving the Governor's ambitious renewable energy goals. Transmission Developers Inc. looks forward to working with all stakeholders to further the development of this fully permitted 1,000 MW project to deliver clean, low cost electricity generated from renewable resources to southeastern New York."
Read the report here.

Bloomberg: Hydro-Quebec Eyes More Green Power Sales in U.S. Northeast
The power supplier can generate as many as 3,000 additional megawatts that could be shipped south of the border without having to build a new dam, Chief Executive Officer Eric Martel said in an interview at Bloomberg headquarters in New York. It has an annual generating capacity of about 37,000 megawatts.

Project Schedule Updates
Winter 2015/2016 – Quebec Energy Minister Arcand endorses project
Spring 2016 – Navigational Risk Assessment submitted to Army Corps

Governor Cuomo Directs Department of Public Service to Begin Process to Enact Clean Energy Standard
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today directed the State Department of Public Service to design and enact a new Clean Energy Standard mandating that 50 percent of all electricity consumed in New York by 2030 result from clean and renewable energy sources.

TDI and its Energy Suppliers Submit Renewable Energy RFI to New York City
The document explains how TDI and its renewable suppliers, Brookfield, EDP Renewables USA, Iberdrola USA, and Boralex-Gaz Metros partners can help meet the City's goal of powering 100 percent of city government operations from renewable sources of energy.

Champlain Hudson Power Express Completes Federal Permitting Process
Transmission Developers Inc. (TDI) today announced that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has issued a Department of the Army permit that allows the Champlain Hudson Power Express project to be placed in waters of the United States along the proposed route.

Middletown Times Herald Record: Editorial: Line under the Hudson is cleaner and cheaper
Now that the Army Corps of Engineers has approved a permit for the Champlain Hudson Power it appears that most major obstacles to the project have been overcome. That is good news in many ways, the most obvious being the potential savings in the cost of electricity, and the security that comes with proving such a plentiful supply.

Plattsburgh Press Republican: Power line project wins Army Corps OK
The Champlain Hudson Power Express project has cleared most every permitting hurdles, with plans to begin construction late this year or early 2016. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has issued the Department of the Army permit required to install the HVDC transmission line in U.S. waters.

Associated Press: Developers of power line from Canada to NYC secure permits
Developers of a proposed 330-mile transmission line to bring lower-cost Canadian hydroelectric power to New York City say they have secured all the needed state and federal siting permits.

Poughkeepsie Journal: Hudson River power line gets a final OK to build
Developers who want to bury a power transmission line under the Hudson River have cleared a major hurdle. A federal permit has been granted, according to the Hudson Champlain Power Express outfit, which claims its construction would have a positive effect on power prices.

TDI Announces it Will Conduct Additional Studies Regarding Adding an Upstate N.Y. Converter Station to the CHPE Project
TDI announced today that it has made an interconnection request with the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) to look at the technical aspects of adding a second New York converter station to the Champlain Hudson Power Express Project. The study will focus on adding a converter station to interconnect the Project with the National Grid substation in New Scotland N.Y., located just outside of Albany. In addition, TDI announced it has obtained an option on property in the vicinity of the New Scotland Substation adjacent to the CHPE route which could be used to site the converter station. This potential new connection point is being developed in response to shifting market conditions and will build on to previous studies performed by TDI that have identified New Scotland as a strong gathering point to collect upstate generation that currently cannot get to the New York City market.